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DAta Archive

11.6 Protecting Data for Long Term (Data Archive)

In an organization's data center, data is actively created, accessed, and changed. As data ages, it is less likely to be changed and eventually...
Data Archive

11.5 Data Backup Techniques for the Mobile Devices

The evolution of mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet, along with the growing adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), creates a new...
backup types

11.4 Different types of Data Backup techniques

Based on the business needs and the required RTO/RPO, backup types can be categorised as full, incremental, cumulative (or differential), synthetic, incremental forever and...
NDMP backup

11.3 Different types of data backup methods

There are different backup methods which can be used to backup the organization's application and their data. Below are the majorly used backup methods in the...
backup architecture

11.2 Data Backup Architecture and Components

The common and widely used Backup Architecture is based on the Server-Client model. Any backup architecture is composed of the following four components. Backup Servers ...
data backups

11.1 Protecting the Data for short term (Data Backup)

Just as we protect the IT physical infrastructure such as Servers, Storage Systems and network components etc, it is also important for organizations to...
SAN Basic Tutorials

10.5 Storage Provisioning in Software Defined Storage Environment

In traditional storage environments, a storage space request from a user is provisioned by storage administrator upon checking the availability of the storage space...

10.4 Software Defined Networking (SDN) Introduction

Traditionally in any data center, a switch or a router consists of a data plane and a control plane. The function of the data...
Software Defined Storage

10.3 Software Defined Storage Architecture Overview

The below diagram shows the generic architecture of a software-defined storage environment. Although the physical storage devices themselves are central to SDS, they are...

10.2 Software Defined Storage (SDS) Introduction

In a traditional data centers, there are several challenges in provisioning and managing storage in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Some key challenges the...