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Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

2.2 ElectroMechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Overview

A hard disk drive is a persistent storage device that stores and retrieves data using rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material. The...
Types of Storage Devices

2.1 Types of Storage Devices used in Storage Arrays

There are different types of storage devices which can be used for storing the data and based upon the business requirement & cost, storage...
Network Virtualization

1.10 Storage Network Virtualization Overview

In general, network connectivity is the process of connecting various components in a network to one another through the use of routers, switches and gateways....
Storage Virtualization

1.9 Storage Virtualization Overview

Just as we can virtualize the physical servers and applications we can also virtualize the storage systems to access the data. Storage Virtualization can...
Server and Storage Architectures

1.8 Server and Storage Architectures Overview

Based upon the type of storage to server architecture deployed, storage virtualization software is either built into the operating environment of a storage system,...
Server and Applications Virtualization

1.7 Introduction to Server Virtualization and Application Virtualization

Virtualization technique is one of the important component to make cloud computing possible. This virtualization technology allows us to virtualize both the servers and...

1.6 Overview of Compute Server

A compute system or Server is any computing device which is the combination of hardware, firmware, and system software that runs business applications. Examples...
IT data center layers

1.5 Introduction to next generation IT Datacenters

The next generation or modern IT Datacenter is basically a datacenter which is suitable for providing cloud services in a fully automated fashion by...
IT Data Center Design

1.4 Data Center Design and its Components

Data centers are key to any organization that values its data. In the modern world, the data center is more of a technology engine...
Characteristics of a DataCenter

1.3 Key Characteristics of IT Datacenter

In the previous post, we understood the concepts of storage device, storage arrays and IT Datacenter. We also understood the various components of IT...