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Network Attached Storage (NAS)  Overview

8.1 File based Storage Systems (NAS) Overview

There are 2 types of traditional storage techniques used in any organization data centers. They are  Block storage File storage Block storage shares raw devices...
Sub-LUN Auto-Tiering

7.7 Using Sub-LUN Auto Tiering techniques in SAN Infrastructure

Sub-LUN Auto-Tiering is another storage Capacity Optimization Technique which helps organization to tier different types of storage disks based on their speed, cost and...
Deduplication techniques in SAN

7.6 Using Deduplication techniques in SAN infrastrucutre

Deduplication is also one of the Storage Capacity Optimization techniques which will identify the duplicate data and making sure that duplicate data is not stored...
Deduplication techniques in SAN

7.5 Using Compression techniques in SAN infrastrucutre

Compression is one of the Storage capacity optimization technique which can help organizations to store more data by using less storage capacity. For example, a...
Thin vs Thick Provisioning

7.4 Traditional and Virtual Storage Provisioning Overview

Traditional Storage Provisioning It is also known as Thick Provisioning, In Traditional storage provisioning, physical storage drives are logically grouped together on which a required...
Storage Capacity Optimization Techniques

7.3 Storage Provisioning and Capacity Optimization Techniques

The storage space from the storage systems is assigned to the individual physical hosts or VMware (hypervisor) hosts whenever it is requested. This allocation...
Cache technique in Block Based Storage Systems

7.2 Importance of Cache technique in Block Based Storage Systems

Cache is a semiconductor memory where data is placed temporarily to reduce the time required to service I/O requests from the hosts. Cache improves...
Block Based Storage Systems

7.1 Block Based Storage Systems (SAN) Overview

A block-based storage system is the traditional storage systems which provides hosts with block-level access to the storage volumes. In this type of storage...
FCoE Architecture

6.5 FCoE Architecture

The data in FCoE is sent through FCoE frames. An FCoE frame is an Ethernet frame that contains an FCoE Protocol Data Unit (PDU)....
FCoE Connectivity Models

6.4 FCoE Connectivity Models

You can deploy FCoE SAN on the existing FC SAN infrastructure. The most common FCoE connectivity uses FCoE switches to interconnect a CEE network...