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10.2 Software Defined Storage (SDS) Introduction

In a traditional data centers, there are several challenges in provisioning and managing storage in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Some key challenges the...
Software Defined Storage

10.1 Unified Storage Systems Introduction

In any enterprise data center, different storage systems (block-based, file-based, and object-based storage) are deployed to meet the needs of different applications. In many...
Object based storage

9.4 Using Object based Storage systems for Cloud Services

Object based storage is a  new storage technology and designed especially for the cloud users. The capabilities or features of OSD such as multi-tenancy, scalability,...
Object based storage system

9.3 How data is stored and retrieved from Object based Storage Systems

Unlike SAN and NAS storage systems where data is accessed through block and file level respectively, Object based storage systems stores and retrieves any...
Object based storage features

9.2 Key Features of Object based Storage Systems

Object based storage is a new type of storage system designed for cloud-scale scalability. Objects are stored and retrieved from an object store through the...
Object Storage Introduction

9.1 Object based Storage Systems Introduction

The rapid adoption of next generation technologies like social media, big data analytics, cloud, and mobile application leads to significant data growth. Today, organizations...
File level storage

8.5 File Level Storage (NAS) Tiering and Virtualization

As the unstructured data in the NAS environment grows, organizations can deploy a tiered storage environment. This environment optimizes the primary storage for performance...
NAS Protocols

8.4 NAS Array Architecture and its Components

Any commonly used NAS system consists of two components,  Controller: A controller is a compute system that contains components such as network, memory, and...
NAS Protocols

8.3 NAS File Sharing Protocols

Different methods or protocols can be used to access files on a NAS system. The most common methods of accessing NAS systems or NAS...
NAS Array

8.2 How NAS is different from SAN and DAS

Generally NAS storage is often used for unstructured data storage such as shared folders and document repositories. SAN and NAS have been around for years. SAN...