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  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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  • Learning Mode: 25 questions per test with answers and explanation, no time limit, repeat tests
  • Exam Mode: 75 questions per test (similar to real AWS exam), 180 minutes, repeat tests


2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – Exam Mode

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Your developers have created a sales application that works in tandem with the no SQL database. To ensure the fastest response for the application in production, the developers wish to remove the need to wait for acknowledgments from the database to the application after data have been sent. The acknowledgments can be stored and accessed asynchronously.  Which managed application would be the best choice for their design?

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You have started your own consulting business and have been contracted by a doctors office to help move their outdated scheduling and billing system to the cloud. One feature you have offered at low cost is a disaster recovery solution that will keep their offices operational with minimal downtime. You've configured a standby EC2 instance that can be spun up in minutes. What feature can be quickly attached to the standby EC2 instance in a failover situation, to get the standby operational as quickly as possible?

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You are migrating your Oracle database using the AWS Database Migration Service. Due to a large amount of data being replicated, you need the replication process to be continuous. What must be changed on your replication instance to use ongoing replication?

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Your company is migrating their environment to AWS. The legacy environment relied on Chef for automation, and your engineers are comfortable with that solution. In addition, your compliance officer has indicated that the new environment needs centralized, auditable configuration management for regulatory reasons. Which of the following AWS automation tools is most appropriate for this scenario?

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You have been charged with investigating cloud security options for your company in light of recent suspected threats. You are aware that certain AWS services can help mitigate DDoS attacks, and you are specifically looking for a service that provides protection from counterfeit requests (Layer 7) or SYN floods (Layer 4). Which services provide this protection? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are performing some testing of an application in development and wish to delete the parts of a multipart upload after a mistake is made with part numbering. Which command would you run to stop the upload and delete all the parts?

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You are an AWS Solutions Architect helping a client plan a migration to the AWS cloud. The client is very cost-conscious and needs to understand the budget implications of any design decisions prior to signing off. Now that you’ve identified the resources that must be created in the AWS environment to support the migration, what tool could you use to help project future costs given this information?

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Your web-based application has been launched publicly. Your design has implemented auto scaling and classic load balancing and your design is responding to the changes in demand as expected. Over the next few months, during the holiday season, demand is expected to be quite robust. You estimate that 100 EC2 instances will be required to meet your customers’ demand. How should you plan properly for growth? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your company decided to create AWS Account and start moving some workloads to the cloud. The security team would like to utilize the existing identity and access management system which is based on Active Directory to manage access to the new AWS Account. For that reason you decided to use SAML federation to allow users in local identity and access management system access to AWS Services.

Which of the following are primary components in SAML Federation configuration for the new AWS account? (Choose 2 answers)

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One of your customers is a large multi-national company whose infrastructure on AWS has grown significantly over the past year. The CIO has come to you asking how the huge amount of data that is being generated can be accessed in real-time which would give them a significant edge over all of their competitors. You know that AWS can provide a range of analytics but which of the following would be best to try and accomplish this?

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You have taken on a client that has been configured for AWS cloud and is fully operational. Your investigation of the environment reveals that your predecessor was a highly skilled AWS Architect. You view one instance that handles Internet traffic but also handles back end database traffic in a private subnet. This one instance is configured as a full management network attached to both a public subnet and a private subnet. What AWS device will enable such a configuration for a single instance?

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A user needs to run a batch process which runs for 10 minutes. This will only be run once, or at maximum twice, in the next month, so the processes will be temporary only. The process needs 15 X-Large instances. The process downloads the code fromS3 on each instance when it is launched, and then generates a temporary log file. Once the instance is terminated, all the data will be lost. Which of the below mentioned pricing models should the user choose in this case?

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You wish to perform detailed monitoring on servers that are marked as unhealthy before they are terminated. After researching the issue, you find that lifecycle hooks can be deployed as necessary. Which strategies could you use to perform detailed monitoring? (Choose 2 answers)

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After reviewing the reports from AWS Trusted Advisor, your company has decided to enable multi-factor authentication for IAM users and the root account. Which of the following MFA options can be used for both account types? (Choose 2 answers)

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You run a stateless web application with the following components:

  • An Application Load Balancer (ALB)
  • A two-tier application with frontend instances processing user requests, and backend RDS MySQL instances
  • The MySQL RDS database offers a maximum of 3000 IOPS with Provisioned IOPS

You notice that the average response time for users is increasing. Looking at CloudWatch, you observe 85% CPU usage on the web and application servers and 20% CPU usage on the database. The average number of database disk operations varies between 1000 and 1500. How would you improve performance? (Choose 2 answers)

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You need to design secure administrative access to application servers residing in private subnets in multiple availability zones. You require a select group of administrators to have access from specific IP addresses. You also want the solution to be automated and repeatable. Which of the following options could achieve your goals? (Choose 2 answers)

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A user has suspended the Auto Scaling process and updates the desired capacity of the Auto Scaling group. Which statements below is correct regarding this update?

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Your company is planning to deploy a hybrid environment linking their on-premise database to an application hosted at AWS. When considering performance rather than security, what are key concerns when designing a network between AWS and the on-site database? (Choose 2 answers)

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A user is currently building a website which will require a large number of instances in six months, when a demonstration of the new site will be given upon launch. Which of the below mentioned options allows the user to procure the resources beforehand so that they need not worry about infrastructure availability during the demonstration?

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Your organization is migrating applications to AWS. Your new security policy mandates that all user accounts be created and managed through IAM. Currently, your corporation is using Active Directory as their on-premise LDAP service. Once applications go live at AWS, all users must access applications using temporary access credentials, and all IAM users must have passwords that are rotated on a set schedule. Which of the following actions will allow you to enforce this security policy? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your client is a major U.S. semi-professional sports league. Their website streams live sporting events in high definition and special feature videos which they distribute to free and premium customers alike. They want to improve the speed of content delivery and you recommend implementing AWS CloudFront. They would like to restrict access to a portion of this content to premium level subscription customers only. What technique can you use to limit access to premium content to approved customers?

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You are leading a design meeting in your company to create an autoscaling group of EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer in your VPC. There are very specific requirements coming about based on traffic and cost. Your management wants to scale out when necessary and scale in when instances are no longer needed to save on cost and maintain optimum system performance based on CPU utilization.

What step can most effectively meet these requirements?

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Your company has decided to use cloud methods for disaster recovery. The company is most concerned with RTO and RPO and is willing to accept the extra cost of Warm Standby over Pilot Light. When a disaster occurs, your top priority is to increase the processing capacity of your scaled-down environment. Once that is accomplished, you can then increase the environment's resilience and self-management capabilities.

What steps will help you accomplish your top priority when a disaster occurs? (Choose 2 answers)

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You have a lot of data stored in the AWS Storage Gateway and your manager has come to you asking about how the billing is calculated, specifically the Virtual Tape Shelf usage. What would be a correct response to this?

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You've taken over management of your company's AWS cloud environment. You know very little about the environment and have been provided very little documentation. You have been given access to the environment and begin a discovery and documentation process. You begin by looking at the route table. Without seeing the specific route table, what information do you know it contains about the subnets in the VPC? (Choose 2 answers)

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A media company has contracted you to design its AWS cloud environment. They host websites and have many well known bloggers who post daily and weekly blogs as well as podcasts. Your analysis of their existing traffic reveals that their database traffic will be nearly 90% read traffic. From this analysis, your design will include read replicas in regions outside the primary DB region, so you know that you have to choose a database engine that supports this.

Which AWS RDS engines does not support read replicas located in a separate AWS region from the primary DB?

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While monitoring your application servers hosted behind an elastic load balancer, you discover that the servers always operate at between 75 and 80% of their capacity after five minutes of operation. Also, there is a constant number of servers being marked as unhealthy very early in their initial lifecycle. Upon further analysis, you also discover that your servers are taking between three and four minutes to become operational after launch. What two tasks should you complete as soon as possible? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are migrating on-premise legal files to the AWS Cloud in Amazon S3 buckets. The corporate audit team will review all legal files within the next year, but until that review is completed, you need to ensure that the legal files are neither updated or deleted in the next 18 months. What steps will ensure the files can be uploaded efficiently but have the required protection for the specific time period of 18 months? (Choose 2 answers)

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An organization has launched five instances: two for production and three for testing. The organization wants a particular group of IAM users to access only the test instances and not the production ones. They want to deploy the instances in various locations based on the factors that will change from time to time, especially in the test group. They expect instances will often be deleted and replaced, especially in the testing group.  This means the five instances they have created now will soon be replaced by a different set of five instances. The members of each group, production, and testing will not change in the foreseeable future.

Given the situation, what choice below is the most efficient and time-saving strategy to define the IAM policy? (Choose 2 answers)

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You’ve designed a public portal (with a MySQL database) featuring popular scientific journals. Due to its popularity, users are complaining it takes much longer to review selected journals than in the past. In addition, the popularity of your site is worldwide.

What are the first steps that you should take to resolve your performance issues? (Choose 2 answers)

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To provide adequate computer resources for your company portal during busy sales cycles, you have your instances assigned to an EC2 auto scaling group associated with an application load balancer. You are now configuring the health checks for the auto scaling group.

What statement regarding health check configuration options for your auto scaling group is correct?

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You are leading the design of an AWS RDS database for a client's cloud environment. You have detailed the benefits of a multi-AZ configuration for high availability. You begin discussing scalability options. You again stress the importance of multi-AZ for a highly available, scalable environment. How does a multi-AZ configuration indirectly benefit scaling operations?

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An organization is planning to implement a scalable web application with Amazon EC2. The organization is planning to achieve high availability with Multi-AZ features. A single deployment of your application requires 8 vCPUs and 16 GiB total memory. The application workload is very stable, and does not experience spikes in activity. It is possible to divide the workload across separate instances.

Which configuration is the best choice for high availability, disaster recovery, and cost-effectiveness in this scenario?

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You are architecting for a hybrid cloud solution that will require continuous connectivity between on-premises servers and instances on AWS. You found that the connectivity between on-premises and AWS does not require high bandwidth for now so you decided to go with resilient VPN connectivity. Which of the following services are part of establishing a resilient VPN connection between on-premises networks and AWS? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your on-premise bare-metal servers are over five years old. You’re considering moving to AWS. The offerings of virtual instances far surpass what you can access on-premises. Before you choose your test instance at AWS, what questions should you ask? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your client has contacted you about an existing AWS cloud environment that they have. They have a large number of T2 large instances in a VPC but have statistics indicating they may need larger instances soon. Another consideration is the company's limited budget to add new instances and/or upgrade its current instances. However, they need to do something and are relying on you to provide a solution. This company has used its existing instances for over 3 years and expects a similar lifespan for any new solution.

What changes would best address the issues with their compute resources? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are responsible for maintaining an RDS database deployed in a Multi-AZ deployment architecture. What would be the downtime and/or failover cycle associated with maintenance events on your database? (Choose 2 answers)

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If you determine that the resources on a launched Amazon EC2 instance are insufficient to handle the workload of an application, you can resize the instance without performing any migration as long as your root device is a(n) ____________.

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Your company uses an on-premise identity system such as Active Directory to authenticate users locally. You would like to grant the same users access into the AWS console without requiring them to authenticate again. What possible solution below can be used to provide this type of access:

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You are creating a custom Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which will host a mix of public and private instances.  An EC2 instance has been deployed to one of the public subnets in this VPC. What are the configurations that have to be implemented to make this instance accessible from the internet? (Choose 3 answers)

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You are configuring Amazon Route 53 to route traffic destined for to an Application Load Balancer that is configured to distribute traffic in two availability zones in the same AWS region. Which record set should you edit to point traffic for to your Application Load Balancer? Select the answer that is the most cost-effective and scalable.

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Which of the following types of Amazon S3 metadata or subresources can be tracked by AWS Usage and Cost Reports?

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You have begun your migration into Amazon Web Services using the AWS Database Migration Service. You are pleased that there are no errors; however, the migration tasks are running slowly. You review the resources that have been assigned to the AWS DMS replication instance, and they seem to be adequate. Which other task could you perform to help speed up the initial migration tasks?

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You are setting up your first Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) so you decide to use the VPC wizard in the AWS console to help make it easier for you. Which of the following statements is correct regarding instances that you launch into a default subnet via the VPC wizard?

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One of your developers is creating an application that must upload large files to an S3 bucket. You suggest that they use the multipart upload feature. Which actions are required from the developer to complete a multipart upload? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your database is very frequently receiving more read and write requests than it can handle. To process the higher loads more effectively you’ve decided to vertically scale your RDS database instance. You’ve confirmed that your licensing can handle the increased scale; next, you must determine when the changes will be applied. When can you apply the changes? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are an engineer at a large bank, responsible for managing your firm’s AWS infrastructure. Your finance team has approached you, indicating their concern over the growing EC2 budget. They have asked you to identify strategies to reduce the EC2 spend by at least 25% before the next monthly billing cycle. How choices below could assist in accomplishing this? (Choose 3 answers)

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Within Elastic Load Balancing, the time-to-live ensures that the IP addresses can be remapped quickly in response to changing traffic. What is the default time-to-live (TTL) limit specified by a DNS entry?

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Your team is setting up DynamoDB for a client. You need to explain to them how DynamoDB tables are partitioned. Which calculations are used to determine the number of partitions that will be created? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are developing a static website using S3 for your company’s clients. Your team is configuring the site and has granted public read access. What other steps must they take? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are an AWS Solutions Architect helping a client plan a migration to the AWS Cloud. The client has provided you with a detailed inventory of their current on-premises compute infrastructure, including metrics related to storage and bandwidth. What tool would you use to estimate the amount of money they will save by migrating to the AWS Cloud?

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You are an engineer at a large bank, responsible for managing your firm’s AWS infrastructure. The finance team has approached you, indicating their concern over the growing AWS budget, and has asked you to investigate ways to lower it. Since your firm has enterprise-level support, you decide to use the AWS Trusted Advisor tool for this effort. What are some of the cost optimization checks that Trusted Advisor will perform? (Choose 3 answers)

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You are managing cloud storage for your company, which wants the technical staff to have some latitude in managing the buckets under your supervision. In an effort to increase visibility and accountability on bucket management, you'd like to know who is accessing the buckets and to be notified of delete actions.

What features can provide this information for S3 buckets? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are designing monitoring and operation management for your environment on AWS and in the process of deciding which metrics to start with for your monitoring. Which of the following metrics should be included in your initial monitoring plan at a minimum? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your team is developing an application using Elastic Beanstalk and discussing the most appropriate environment for deployment. What two types of environments can be created when using Elastic Beanstalk? (Choose 2 answers)

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A legacy application in your company has been deployed in a single availability zone. It is used only sporadically but must be available nevertheless. Due to your heavy administrative workload, you wish to automate a process that will rebuild the application automatically if it fails. What action should you take?

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A user is making a scalable web application with compartmentalization. The user wants the log module to be accessible by all the application functionalities in an asynchronous way. Each module of the application sends data to the log module, and based on the resource availability it will process the logs. Which AWS service helps achieving this functionality?

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Due to compliance rules and regulations, your company's workload has to run on dedicated instances. How can you make sure that all EC2 instances created for your workload now and in the future are dedicated instances? (Choose 2 answers)

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A bucket owner from Account Red allows Account Blue's IAM users to upload and access objects in his bucket.

One of Account Blue's IAM users tries to access an object in the bucket. The object is owned by an IAM user from Account Red who is not the bucket owner.

How will Amazon S3 process this request?

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A user has enabled versioning on an S3 bucket. The user applies server side encryption for data at rest. If the user is supplying his own keys for encryption (SSE-C), which of the below mentioned statements is true?

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Your engineers are concerned about application availability during in-place updates to a live Elastic Beanstalk stack. You advise them to consider a blue/green deployment and then list the necessary steps to carry out this deployment. Which steps are valid to include? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have been storing massive amounts of data on Amazon Glacier for the past 2 years and now start to wonder if there are any limitations on this. What is the correct answer to your question?

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Your organization is thinking of running parts of their workload on AWS while keeping the critical and sensitive servers on-premises with continuous connectivity between instances in AWS and corporate data center. In such a hybrid cloud environment what are the minimum requirements to maintain resilient continuous connectivity between AWS and corporate data center?

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Your company is migrating its infrastructure to AWS. When considering the migration level effort required, you determine there are a select number of VMs that fall under the “very low effort” category. After considering third-party migration options, you decide to utilize available AWS tools. What tools are available for migrating VMs to the AWS cloud? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your team is setting up DynamoDB for a client. You need to explain to them how DynamoDB tables are partitioned. Which calculations are used to determine the number of partitions that will be created? (Choose 2 answers)

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You have recently configured an AWS VPC for a new client. The VPC consists of several EC2 instances in a public subnet. An IT administrator for one of your clients has called you about an inability to connect to an EC2 instance. He is trying to connect from a Windows laptop using Putty for Windows and the .pem file you provided him along with instructions for using PuTTY and PuTTYgen. What could be the problem?

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A user is planning to make a mobile game which can be played online or offline and will be hosted on EC2. The user wants to ensure that if someone breaks the highest score or they achieve some milestone they can inform all their colleagues through email. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps achieve this goal?

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Which choice below accurately describes the 'warm standby' disaster recovery method?

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You are responsible for a web application where the web server instances are hosted in auto-scaling group. You discover the following after monitoring your application workload for the past year:

  1. You need a minimum of nine EC2 instances to handle the lowest levels of activity during non-business hours.
  2. During local business hours, you require between 12-16 instances.
  3. Roughly 35 percent of non-business workload involves backend data processing and analysis.

With this information, what recommendations would you make to minimize operating costs while providing the required availability?

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A user has launched an instance-store backed EC2 instance in the US-East-1a zone. The user then creates AMI-1 and copied it to the EU-West-1 region. The AMI copy in the EU-West-1 region is named AMI-1-West.  Later, the user updates the application running on the instance in US-East-1a, and updates AMI-1 with this version of the instance. The updated version of AMI-1 is named AMI-1.1. Finally, the user attempts to launch a new instance from AMI-1-West in the EU-West-1 region. Which statement below is correct regarding this scenario?

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)?

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Your team has found that a client's load balancer needs to be configured with support for SSL offload using the default security policy. When negotiating the SSL connections between the client and the load balancer, you want the load balancer to determine which cipher is used for the SSL connection. Which actions perform this process on the load balancer? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have been contracted to start building the latest and greatest mobile chat app. The schedule for this development and delivery is time critical. What correct mix of AWS services and components should you consider to ensure that your mobile chat app can be produced on time, ensuring that the mobile chat app can authenticate and authorize users?

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You are in the process of planning your backup strategy between an on-premises data center and AWS cloud. You are considering Storage Gateway technology for backup and restore in your hybrid environment. What are the primary factors that affect Backup and Recovery times when using Storage Gateways? (Choose 2 answers)

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You have determined specific instances will need to be resized by either scaling the instance(s) up or down.

What basic rules apply when resizing EC2 instances?  (Choose 2 answers

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