This AWS practice test helps you to pass the following AWS exams and can also helps you to revise the AWS concepts if you are preparing for AWS interviews.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Below AWS practice tests has two different Modes

  • Learning Mode: 25 questions per test with answers and explanation, no time limit, repeat tests
  • Exam Mode: 75 questions per test (similar to real AWS exam), 180 minutes, repeat tests


1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – Learning Mode

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional - Learning Mode

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One of your customers is a large multi-national company whose infrastructure on AWS has grown significantly over the past year. The CIO has come to you asking how the huge amount of data that is being generated can be accessed in real-time which would give them a significant edge over all of their competitors. You know that AWS can provide a range of analytics but which of the following would be best to try and accomplish this?

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Your team is developing an application using Elastic Beanstalk and discussing the most appropriate environment for deployment. What two types of environments can be created when using Elastic Beanstalk? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your company wants to migrate an on-premises SQL Server DB to AWS RDS SQL Server. As the DBA, you have determined that your database can be offline while the backup is created, copied, and restored. You decide to use native backup and restore. Which steps are required during setup? (Choose 3 answers)

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A MySQL database currently contains 2 million records. Approximately 2000 new records are added every day, with an average of 80 queries per second. The database is running on a 4 core, 4 GB dedicated system in the local data center. Once a week, on average, the system has issues and resets. It is next on the list to be moved to the cloud. What step should be taken first before it is migrated?

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Your organization is thinking of running parts of their workload on AWS while keeping the critical and sensitive servers on-premises with continuous connectivity between instances in AWS and corporate data center. In such a hybrid cloud environment what are the minimum requirements to maintain resilient continuous connectivity between AWS and corporate data center?

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You have a lot of data stored in the AWS Storage Gateway and your manager has come to you asking about how the billing is calculated, specifically the Virtual Tape Shelf usage. What would be a correct response to this?

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Your team has found that a client's load balancer needs to be configured with support for SSL offload using the default security policy. When negotiating the SSL connections between the client and the load balancer, you want the load balancer to determine which cipher is used for the SSL connection. Which actions perform this process on the load balancer? (Choose 3 answers)

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You are migrating your Oracle database using the AWS Database Migration Service. Due to a large amount of data being replicated, you need the replication process to be continuous. What must be changed on your replication instance to use ongoing replication?

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You configured a VPC with web servers hosted on EC2 instances in an EC2 Auto Scaling group in a public subnet. You then create a private subnet and deploy your Amazon RDS database servers in it. You granted a database administrator access in IAM to the RDS database instance, who is now attempting to connect from a secure, company-managed on-premise IP address range. However, she is unable to connect to the RDS instance. You have reviewed IAM permissions for the administrator and AWS resources that need to connect to the database, and they appear correctly configured. All application instances are able to connect to the RDS instance, but other employees on the same approved IP address range cannot connect to the database. What steps is a recommended first step to troubleshoot the issue?

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Your on-premise bare-metal servers are over five years old. You’re considering moving to AWS. The offerings of virtual instances far surpass what you can access on-premises. Before you choose your test instance at AWS, what questions should you ask? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have configured an AWS cloud environment for an ecommerce company. This environment is heavily reliant upon being highly available as downtime will lose the company a great deal of money. You monitor this environment very closely with numerous CloudWatch alarms. Recently you are seeing 'InsufficientInstanceCapacity' errors during auto scaling attempts during peak hours from 4:00 - 9:00 pm EST. This is causing costly downtime. Which option will best handle this situation?

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The IAM administrator is trying to create IAM groups and IAM users for employees within numerous separate company departments. The owner has created groups for each department, but needs even further separation between department subgroups within IAM groups. For example, two users from different department subgroups should be identified separately and have separate permissions.

How can the IAM administrator configure this?

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You are an AWS Solutions Architect helping a client plan a migration to the AWS cloud. The client is very cost-conscious and needs to understand the budget implications of any design decisions prior to signing off. Now that you’ve identified the resources that must be created in the AWS environment to support the migration, what tool could you use to help project future costs given this information?

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Your company decided to create AWS Account and start moving some workloads to the cloud. The security team would like to utilize the existing identity and access management system which is based on Active Directory to manage access to the new AWS Account. For that reason you decided to use SAML federation to allow users in local identity and access management system access to AWS Services.

Which of the following are primary components in SAML Federation configuration for the new AWS account? (Choose 2 answers)

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You have been using T2 instances as your CPU requirements have not been that intensive. However, you now start to think about larger instance types and start looking at M1 and M3 instances. You are a little confused as to the differences between them as they both seem to have the same ratio of CPU and memory. Which statement below is incorrect as to why you would use one over the other?

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A gaming company comes to you and asks you to build infrastructure for their site. They are not sure how big they will be because, as with all startups, they have limited money and big ideas. What they do tell you is that if the game becomes successful, like one of their previous games, it may rapidly grow to millions of users and generate tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of writes and reads per second.  After considering all of this, you decide that they need a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability and persistent storage. Which of the following databases do you think would best fit their needs?

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Your client wants to implement scalable but cost-effective storage while maintaining data security. You recommend using AWS Storage Gateway and set up an instance as a cached volume gateway for low latency. You immediately realize that you need to access the storage on the gateway. Which method would you use?

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Your company has decided to use cloud methods for disaster recovery. The company is most concerned with RTO and RPO and is willing to accept the extra cost of Warm Standby over Pilot Light. When a disaster occurs, your top priority is to increase the processing capacity of your scaled-down environment. Once that is accomplished, you can then increase the environment's resilience and self-management capabilities.

What steps will help you accomplish your top priority when a disaster occurs? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are an engineer at a large bank, responsible for managing your firm’s AWS infrastructure. Your finance team has approached you, indicating their concern over the growing EC2 budget. They have asked you to identify strategies to reduce the EC2 spend by at least 25% before the next monthly billing cycle. How choices below could assist in accomplishing this? (Choose 3 answers)

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A client of yours has a huge amount of data stored on Amazon S3, but is concerned about someone stealing it while it is in transit. You know that all data is encrypted in transit on AWS, but which of the following is wrong when describing server-side encryption on AWS?

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You are configuring Amazon Route 53 to route traffic destined for to an Application Load Balancer that is configured to distribute traffic in two availability zones in the same AWS region. Which record set should you edit to point traffic for to your Application Load Balancer? Select the answer that is the most cost-effective and scalable.

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You have deployed an application hosted on both a primary instance and a secondary standby instance. The instances are in the same subnet within a VPC.

If the primary instance fails, you would like to failover to the secondary instance without having to reconfigure the application. How can you accomplish this? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have been asked to create a new S3 Bucket that will be used by the financial auditing team to store and share some files. There are a lot of different permissions between listing only, read-only and read-write access. You have decided to use resource-based permissions for the flexibility of it. Which statements below are correct with regards to resource-based permissions on your S3 bucket? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your developers have created a sales application that works in tandem with the no SQL database. To ensure the fastest response for the application in production, the developers wish to remove the need to wait for acknowledgments from the database to the application after data have been sent. The acknowledgments can be stored and accessed asynchronously.  Which managed application would be the best choice for their design?

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Due to compliance rules and regulations, your company's workload has to run on dedicated instances. How can you make sure that all EC2 instances created for your workload now and in the future are dedicated instances? (Choose 2 answers)

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