This AWS practice test helps you to pass the following AWS exams and can also helps you to revise the AWS concepts if you are preparing for AWS interviews.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Below AWS practice tests has two different Modes

  • Learning Mode: 25 questions per test with answers and explanation, no time limit, repeat tests
  • Exam Mode: 75 questions per test (similar to real AWS exam), 180 minutes, repeat tests


1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – Learning Mode

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional - Learning Mode

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When CloudWatch detailed monitoring is enabled, what is the minimum duration of a CloudWatch alarm?

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You are an AWS Solutions Architect helping a client plan a migration to the AWS Cloud. The client has provided you with a detailed inventory of their current on-premises compute infrastructure, including metrics related to storage and bandwidth. What tool would you use to estimate the amount of money they will save by migrating to the AWS Cloud?

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You’ve been contracted by a client to improve the resiliency of their VPC in preparation for increased Disaster Recovery requirements with shorter RTO and RPOs. One thing you’d like to improve upon is resource and application monitoring. Which services used together will allow for the monitoring of application logs on EC2, notification of users managing the services, and the overall health of AWS resources? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your organization is migrating applications to AWS. Your new security policy mandates that all user accounts be created and managed through IAM. Currently, your corporation is using Active Directory as their on-premise LDAP service. Once applications go live at AWS, all users must access applications using temporary access credentials, and all IAM users must have passwords that are rotated on a set schedule. Which of the following actions will allow you to enforce this security policy? (Choose 3 answers)

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You are an administrator managing Windows File Servers in Amazon Web Services. You need to set up a fault-tolerant system to protect your shared files. You decide to use DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication.

Which of the following are prerequisites? (Choose 2 answers)

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To provide adequate computer resources for your company portal during busy sales cycles, you have your instances assigned to an EC2 auto scaling group associated with an application load balancer. You are now configuring the health checks for the auto scaling group.

What statement regarding health check configuration options for your auto scaling group is correct?

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You have started your own consulting business and have been contracted by a doctors office to help move their outdated scheduling and billing system to the cloud. One feature you have offered at low cost is a disaster recovery solution that will keep their offices operational with minimal downtime. You've configured a standby EC2 instance that can be spun up in minutes. What feature can be quickly attached to the standby EC2 instance in a failover situation, to get the standby operational as quickly as possible?

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You are an engineer at a large bank, responsible for managing your firm’s AWS infrastructure. The finance team has approached you, indicating their concern over the growing AWS budget, and has asked you to investigate ways to lower it. Since your firm has enterprise-level support, you decide to use the AWS Trusted Advisor tool for this effort. What are some of the cost optimization checks that Trusted Advisor will perform? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your team has found that a client's load balancer needs to be configured with support for SSL offload using the default security policy. When negotiating the SSL connections between the client and the load balancer, you want the load balancer to determine which cipher is used for the SSL connection. Which actions perform this process on the load balancer? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your client wants to implement scalable but cost-effective storage while maintaining data security. You recommend using AWS Storage Gateway and set up an instance as a cached volume gateway for low latency. You immediately realize that you need to access the storage on the gateway. Which method would you use?

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Your company is migrating their environment to AWS. The legacy environment relied on Chef for automation, and your engineers are comfortable with that solution. In addition, your compliance officer has indicated that the new environment needs centralized, auditable configuration management for regulatory reasons. Which of the following AWS automation tools is most appropriate for this scenario?

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You need to design secure administrative access to application servers residing in private subnets in multiple availability zones. You require a select group of administrators to have access from specific IP addresses. You also want the solution to be automated and repeatable. Which of the following options could achieve your goals? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your team is developing an application using Elastic Beanstalk and discussing the most appropriate environment for deployment. What two types of environments can be created when using Elastic Beanstalk? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are responsible for a web application where the web server instances are hosted in auto-scaling group. You discover the following after monitoring your application workload for the past year:

  1. You need a minimum of nine EC2 instances to handle the lowest levels of activity during non-business hours.
  2. During local business hours, you require between 12-16 instances.
  3. Roughly 35 percent of non-business workload involves backend data processing and analysis.

With this information, what recommendations would you make to minimize operating costs while providing the required availability?

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One of your customers is a large multi-national company whose infrastructure on AWS has grown significantly over the past year. The CIO has come to you asking how the huge amount of data that is being generated can be accessed in real-time which would give them a significant edge over all of their competitors. You know that AWS can provide a range of analytics but which of the following would be best to try and accomplish this?

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Your company is considering migrating to AWS, but they are concerned about the initial and mid- to short-term costs due to the complexity of the migration cycle. To effectively calculate the total cost of ownership, certain costs must be understood and planned for.

What costs should be primary considerations? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have been charged with investigating cloud security options for your company in light of recent suspected threats. You are aware that certain AWS services can help mitigate DDoS attacks, and you are specifically looking for a service that provides protection from counterfeit requests (Layer 7) or SYN floods (Layer 4). Which services provide this protection? (Choose 2 answers)

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General Purpose SSD volumes smaller than 1 TB provide the ability to burst to __________ IOPS per volume, independent of volume size, to meet the performance needs of most applications.

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You are a DBA at a rapidly growing company and you want to shorten failover time for your Amazon RDS SQL Server database. Which strategies will shorten failover time? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are involved in the design of a client's AWS cloud environment. A requirements meeting regarding storage leads to the need for EBS volumes in the design. Much of the design will require standard storage but there is a critical business application, which requires sustained IOPs performance. Which EBS storage option is best for critical apps that need high performance?

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Your organization is thinking of running parts of their workload on AWS while keeping the critical and sensitive servers on-premises with continuous connectivity between instances in AWS and corporate data center. In such a hybrid cloud environment what are the minimum requirements to maintain resilient continuous connectivity between AWS and corporate data center?

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You are architecting for a hybrid cloud solution that will require continuous connectivity between on-premises servers and instances on AWS. You found that the connectivity between on-premises and AWS does not require high bandwidth for now so you decided to go with resilient VPN connectivity. Which of the following services are part of establishing a resilient VPN connection between on-premises networks and AWS? (Choose 3 answers)

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You have been put in charge of your company's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The environment lacks sufficient documentation. You are investigating the VPC in an effort to document the environment. Your review includes the route tables. What relationships between route tables and subnets can you count on being present in the environment? (Choose 2 answers)

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A customer has a website which shows all the sales available in leading online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Currently, the website's web, application, and database tiers are hosted on five large, on-demand EC2 instances to manage day-to-day traffic. However, from late November through the end of December, the website traffic quadruples the normal rate for various periods, sometimes a few minutes, and sometimes a few hours. During the peaks in activity, the website requires up to 20 large instances.

The level of activity is not predictable. It is also prone to large, sudden spikes at random times based on when various temporary sales are available. The site's traffic can quadruple in a matter of minutes.

Which option is the most cost-effective and achieves better performance to handle these peaks in traffic reliably?

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You are developing a static website using S3 for your company’s clients. Your team is configuring the site and has granted public read access. What other steps must they take? (Choose 2 answers)

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