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  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
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2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) – Exam Mode

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You receive a bill from AWS but are confused because you see you are incurring different costs for the exact same storage size in different regions on Amazon S3. You ask AWS why this is so. What response would you expect to receive from AWS?

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In Amazon EC2, if your EBS volume stays in the detaching state, you can force the detachment by clicking

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What does Amazon DynamoDB provide?

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A user is observing the EC2 CPU utilization metric on CloudWatch. The user has observed some interesting patterns while filtering over the 1-week period for a particular hour. The user wants to zoom that data point to a more granular period. How can the user do that easily with CloudWatch?

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You are reviewing an application’s compute resources in an effort to optimize cost and performance. Your application’s compute layer currently general-purpose on-demand instances. Now you want are considering launching multiple instance types that use various purchase options, including On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances, and Spot Instances.

What considerations regarding AWS EC2 Auto Scaling should you bear in mind while optimizing your compute layer?

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You need to set up security for your VPC and you know that Amazon VPC provides two features that you can use to increase security for your VPC: security groups and network access control lists (ACLs). You have already looked into security groups and you are now trying to understand ACLs. Which statement below is incorrect in relation to ACLs?

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You are tasked with configuring Route 53 for use with EC2 instances across multiple regions that are used for a customer’s website. The customer would like to route traffic based upon the location of the website’s visitors so visitors from specific regions can be presented with specific content. Which of the following would be best suited to meet the requirement?

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You want to use AWS Import/Export to send data from your S3 bucket to several of your branch offices. What should you do if you want to send 10 storage units to AWS?

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A secured web application running on an EC2 instance needs to perform PUT and GET operations on objects within an S3 bucket. The EC2 instance and S3 bucket are owned by the same AWS account. Of the policies listed below, which two grant the necessary permissions for this web application? (Choose 2 answers)

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A user has enabled versioning on an S3 bucket. The user applies server side encryption for data at rest. If the user is supplying his own keys for encryption (SSE-C), which of the below mentioned statements is true?

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A user has attached 1 EBS volume to a VPC instance. The user wants to achieve the best fault tolerance of data possible. Which of the below mentioned options can help achieve fault tolerance?

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You have just set up a large site for a client which involved a huge database which you set up with Amazon RDS to run as a Multi-AZ deployment. You now start to worry about what will happen if the database instance fails. Which statement best describes how this database will function if there is a database failure?

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Amazon RDS provides high availability and failover support for DB instances using .

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You are pulled in on a redesign of a client’s AWS VPC. The client was an early adopter of AWS but wants to improve their overall security in the VPC. The budget allocated for this redesign is very limited and you need to optimize your time. You’ve created new security groups for the VPC. What’s the most expedient way to associate these new security groups with the instances in the VPC?

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To optimize the cost associated with your application’s compute layer, your development team decided to integrate spot instances to support spikes in your workload. However, your auto scaling group should always contain eight (8) on-demand or reserved instances to process the normal amount of requests, and deploy a combination of spot and on-demand instances to manage spikes of activity requiring more than eight (8) instances.

How can you ensure there are always eight (8) on-demand instances to support your compute layers’ typical workload?

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The common use cases for DynamoDB Fine-Grained Access Control (FGAC) are cases in which the end user wants .

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You are assisting an IT administrator for a client company over the phone. The administrator has created a public subnet and had added two EC2 instances to this subnet. But he is unable to access the Internet from these new EC2 instances and is asking for your assistance. What general checks can he make to ensure proper configuration and Internet access? (Choose 3 answers)

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A user has configured ELB with two EBS backed EC2 instances. The user is trying to understand the DNS access and IP support for ELB. Which of the below mentioned statements may not help the user understand the IP mechanism supported by ELB?

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You’re tasked to set up an AWS media sharing framework for a new start up company. It will need a huge amount of persistent data storage for this framework, and data will be regularly uploaded, transferred and downloaded by customers. Which of the following storage options would be appropriate and cost effective for persistent storage in this case?

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You’ve been assigned to a client that has an auto scaling group behind an Application Load Balancer. The autoscaling group is handling traffic spikes well, but the client is concerned about cost. After reviewing statistics, you find that a large number of instances are being launched for just a short time period (15 – 30 minutes) and you know that Amazon charges per second for the time these instances are running.

You’re concerned that when these bursts occur, instances that scale out in a larger number than required and actually outlive the short bursts of increased workload.

What steps can you take to maintain performance but reduce costs? (Choose 2 answers)

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A client has contacted you about designing their AWS cloud environment. They want to fully migrate their compute environment to the cloud. Their biggest requirement is that they need high availability at both the web and database tiers. Their current database is MySQL. How might you best design high availability for their environment with cost being a consideration as well?

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You are building a system to distribute confidential documents to employees. Using CloudFront, what method could be used to serve content that is stored in S3, but not publically accessible from S3 directly?

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What features of VPC security groups are correct? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are managing a group of EC2 instances in your company’s VPC. Your VPC has been experiencing much higher network traffic than expected and it is not expected to subside. You are considering using EC2 instances with enhanced networking capability. What benefits can enhanced networking instances provide? (Choose 3 answers)

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A user is planning to launch a scalable web application. Which of the below mentioned options will not affect the latency of the application?

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A client of yours has a huge amount of data stored on Amazon S3, but is concerned about someone stealing it while it is in transit. You know that all data is encrypted in transit on AWS, but which of the following is wrong when describing server-side encryption on AWS?

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You need to set up a high level of security for an Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) you have just built in order to protect the confidential information stored in it. What are all the possible security groups that RDS uses?

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You have a number of image files to encode. In an Amazon SQS worker queue, you create an Amazon SQS message for each file specifying the command (jpeg-encode) and the location of the file in Amazon S3. Which of the following statements best describes the functionality of Amazon SQS?

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What would be the best way to retrieve the public IP address of your EC2 instance using the CLI?

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A user is accessing an EC2 instance on the SSH port for IP Which one is a secure way to configure that the instance can be accessed only from this IP?

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A user has launched a large EBS-backed instance with AWS. The only other storage associated with it is ephemeral storage on instance store. What will happen if the user stops the instance?

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You have been using T2 instances as your CPU requirements have not been that intensive. However, you now start to think about larger instance types and start looking at M1 and M3 instances. You are a little confused as to the differences between them as they both seem to have the same ratio of CPU and memory. Which statement below is incorrect as to why you would use one over the other?

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Does AWS CloudFormation support Amazon EC2 tagging?

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Having set up a website to automatically be redirected to a backup website if it fails, you realize that there are different types of failovers that are possible. You need all your resources to be available the majority of the time. Using Amazon Route 53 which configuration would best suit this requirement?

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You have been contracted by a company to design and implement their AWS cloud environment. The company has a very tight budget and would like to maximize savings wherever possible. They’ve gotten a 5-year government contract and the workload is expected to remain steady throughout the length of the contract. What type of instance will best meet their computing needs while providing maximum savings?

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Which of the following statements is true of creating a launch configuration using an EC2 instance?

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Which one of the following answers is not a possible state of Amazon CloudWatch Alarm?

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A user is currently building a website which will require a large number of instances in six months, when a demonstration of the new site will be given upon launch. Which of the below mentioned options allows the user to procure the resources beforehand so that they need not worry about infrastructure availability during the demonstration?

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You have been placed in charge of your company’s existing AWS cloud environment. Your company is very large and you have a team of 5 engineers. You are managing IAM with one of your team members as a backup. You will assign two team members to manage the RDS databases and will need two team members managing the VPC and the EC2 instances within it. How can you give your team members the ability to administer the EC2 instances? (Choose 2 answers)

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After setting up an EC2 security group with a cluster of 20 EC2 instances, you find an error in the security group settings. You quickly make changes to the security group settings. When will the changes to the settings be effective?

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You have been assigned to a client with an existing AWS cloud environment. They have a VPC with multiple web servers in a public subnet and database servers in a private subnet. They purchased reserved Linux instances up-front but are finding they underestimated their workload and would like to scale now. What can you do with these instances to scale them without violating the term agreement of these instances?

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Which statement regarding Elastic Load Balancing is incorrect?

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True or False: In Amazon Route 53, you can create a hosted zone for a top-level domain (TLD).

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What is the default maximum number of Access Keys per user?

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You need to measure the performance of your EBS volumes as they seem to be under performing. You have come up with a measurement of 1,024 KB I/O but your colleague tells you that EBS volume performance is measured in IOPS. How many IOPS is equal to 1,024 KB I/O?

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You have a lot of data stored in the AWS Storage Gateway and your manager has come to you asking about how the billing is calculated, specifically the Virtual Tape Shelf usage. What would be a correct response to this?

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You have set up an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with the usual default settings, which route each request independently to the application instance with the smallest load. However, someone has asked you to bind a user’s session to a specific application instance so as to ensure that all requests coming from the user during the session will be sent to the same application instance. AWS has a feature to do this. What is it called?

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Select the correct statement: Within Amazon EC2, when using Linux instances, the device name /dev/sda1 is .

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A user wants to achieve High Availability with PostgreSQL DB. Which of the below mentioned functionalities helps achieve HA?

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Do you need to shutdown your EC2 instance when you create a snapshot of EBS volumes that serve as root devices?

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Your supervisor asks you to set up a NAT gateway so that your private subnets can communicate with the Internet. Which of the following are the things that you will need to do to ensure this works successfully? (Choose 3 answers)

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You decide that you need to create a number of Auto Scaling groups to try and save some money as you have noticed that at certain times most of your EC2 instances are not being used. By default, what is the maximum number of Auto Scaling groups that AWS will allow you to create?

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You are setting up some EBS volumes for a customer who has requested a setup which includes a RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks). AWS has some recommendations for RAID setups. Which RAID setup is not recommended for Amazon EBS?

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You are configuring a new VPC for one of your clients for a cloud migration project, and only a public VPN will be in place. After you created your VPC, you created a new subnet, a new Internet gateway, and attached your internet gateway to your VPC. When you launched your first instance into your VPC, you realized that you aren’t able to connect to the instance, even if it is configured with an elastic IP. What should be done to access the instance?

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A user comes to you and wants access to Amazon CloudWatch but only wants to monitor a specific LoadBalancer. Is it possible to give him access to a specific set of instances or a specific LoadBalancer?

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A user has deployed an application on his private cloud. The user is using his own monitoring tool. He wants to configure it so that whenever there is an error, the monitoring tool will notify him via SMS. Which of the below mentioned AWS services will help in this scenario?

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You have implemented multipart uploading in your company’s AWS cloud storage environment. The overall performance has been good but there is some concern about network utilization. Your CFO has also raised concerns about greater than expected storage costs. What steps can you take to address each of these issues with cost as a primary concern? (Choose 2 answers)

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Select a true statement about Amazon EC2 Security Groups (EC2-Classic).

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An existing client comes to you and says that he has heard that launching instances into a VPC (virtual private cloud) is a better strategy than launching instances into a EC2-classic which he knows is what you currently do. You suspect that he is correct and he has asked you to do some research about this and get back to him. Which of the following statements is true in regards to what ability launching your instances into a VPC instead of EC2-Classic gives you?

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Regarding Amazon Route 53, if your application is running on Amazon EC2 instances in two or more Amazon EC2 regions and if you have more than one Amazon EC2 instance in one or more regions, you can useto route traffic to the correct region and then use to route traffic to instances within the region, based on probabilities that you specify

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You are building a system to distribute confidential documents to employees across the world. Using CloudFront, what method could be used to serve content that is stored in S3, but not publically accessible from S3 directly?

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You have been storing massive amounts of data on Amazon Glacier for the past 2 years and now start to wonder if there are any limitations on this. What is the correct answer to your question?

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When you force a failover of your DB instance in RDS, which of the following things does RDS do? (Choose 2 answers)

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You need to create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for a customer for an application which does not appear to be part of the standard AWS AMI template that you can see in the AWS console. What are the alternative possibilities for creating an AMI on AWS ?

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An accountant asks you to design a small VPC network for him and, due to the nature of his business, just needs something where the workload on the network will be low, and dynamic data will be accessed infrequently. Being an accountant, low cost is also a major factor. Which EBS volume type would best suit his requirements?

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